Monday, April 11, 2016

still-sound 223. String lights

After work yesterday my friend Rachel and I went for a run in Elysian Park.  It was the third week in a row and I looked forward to it, so much so that when I discovered that I forgot to bring running shorts with me to work that morning, I stopped by Target and bought a new pair.  The new shorts are dark gray, baggy and not something I would ever choose unless presented with few options.  I also bought some outdoor string lights, the same kind Brennan has in his garden.

Rachel and I chatted through most of the three and a half mile route through a newly refreshed park - it had rained all weekend.  I kept the tag on the shorts because I intend to return them.  I might encounter problems when returning because I can't find the receipt.  I keep all receipts - I have boxes full of them.  It's odd that I can't find this one.

When I got home I started to string the new lights on the fig tree in the garden.  Vito the cat was there and watched me for a short while.  My mother came out of her house as the sun was going down.  I asked her if she liked the lights.  She laughed a little and said "It looks like Christmas!  I love it".  As it became darker outside the cedar fence next to the fig tree took on a brighter amber glow.

I picked Rob up from Union Station a bit after 10 pm.  He just got in from Seattle and took the Flyaway bus from the airport.  When I pulled into the driveway at home I pointed out the new feature of the garden.  Rob came out of the car and walked towards the fig tree.  "It's great!  It looks like Christmas!"

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  1. WED String Lights from Bizarkdeal

    It is Beautiful! Exactly what I wanted. Solar Powered + Waterproof is prefect for outdoor decoration. Very nice product for the money.
    I made hooks so it can stay on the gutter. The solar panel seems have can only stick into the ground which may not be ideal with heavy snow comes.
    No complain yet. Will see how long it last.